30 Day Challenge $165

Our 30 day challenge is an online HIIT workout routine constructed to build your endurance, strength, and flexibility, while shredding, toning up and forming healthy eating habits. This challenge is designed to target all muscle groups such as your abs, arms, legs and glutes. This workout can be done through the comfort of your home, outside or at any open space you choose on any electronic device you choose. There are different exercises and stretches that will get you the results and motivation you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s a 4 week Training program made for all levels.
1.       Meal plan with different meals to coach vegans and non vegan, on how to gain weight and loose weight. A shopping list, a macro carb list and Bmo-Fits famous recipes. All of this will help you make wise healthy food choices when it comes to carbs, cooking oils, fruit, lean meats and veggies.
2.       Video and Written workout plan, Little or No Equipment Required (optional dumbbells, 2 types of resistance bands – loop resistance band and a clip tube resistance band, sliders and an exercise mat only)
3.       Access to a (private) Fitness Facebook community and Instagram Hashtag community
4.    A change in lifestyle, getting complements, getting more rest, learning what it takes for your body to recover fast, so you feel light and energized with a better focus.
5.       Improves your metabolism, insulin sensitivity, better gut health, increases absorption of nutrients, Learn your body, how to eat the right carbs, and increase your fat loss.
6.       Fun, creative, Workout regime including plyometrics, cardio, strength training, stretching, alternative exercises for those with bad knees or back. Also exercises to make the workout harder.
7.       Your own account access to view from any electronic device and upload your progress pictures for documentation.
8.   We guarantee success for anyone who follows the program directly.
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