Individual stretch sessions: $50

What is stretch therapy?

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Stretching is generally knowing to help ease pain tension and increase mobility. (Stretch services are not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any medical condition, and you should consult your doctor if you are experiencing continual or sever pain in any area of your body.)

Individual stretch sessions: $50
customized assistant stretch session is designed to increase flexibility and relax your mind and body. We start with your neck and finish with your feet. The therapeutic concept has been created through the latest stretch therapy, yoga meditation and deep exercises to connect the mind and body.
Approximately 35min session
Please Bring water and hydrate before coming
(Offered before/ After boot camps sessions, Local rec center, or gym on Weekends).

Group sessions: Starting fee $100 and up based on group size and travel
is inspired through the concept of yoga, and athletic pre/post stretching techniques. A full group session of stretching helps one gain more flexibility and relaxation within themselves as an instructor guides them.
Length of session is 1 hr
Please bring mat, towel, water, and stretch band
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1.       Dynamic stretching: is Active – which involves moving part of your body in a continuous motion.
2.       Static Stretching: is Passive – involves holding and relaxing in a stretch position for 15-20 seconds.